I have been working as an entrepreneur since 2013.


My artistic hobby has taken over more and more. I belive 

we are all the creators of the life we live and

when we are in our full power there are no limits to what we can achieve.

I specially like to sculpture female and male forms, animals and nature.

I have for many years searched for something, somewhere where I feel that this is where I should be and do. Now I feel that I am on the right path, creation has always given me such satisfaction in the soul.

When you have an inner desire or dream that you want something to happen, it is important to take time to listen to your feelings and to face them to move on.

I think many people today feel a little lost about who they are and do not show the beautiful side they have inside.

Sculpture and paintings is like meditation, both to create and to consider.

I want to inspire all to not be so hard on yourselves. Take care of your heart and soul. And be proud of who you are.

Today I live and work on a lovley farm in beautiful Vikbolandet which is a large peninsula that protrudes into the Baltic Sea.

Here I have my own creative workshop but I also sometimes use the cottage as my showroom. 

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